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BUB CLUB -  Lil BUB's Solar BOX

BUB CLUB - Lil BUB's Solar BOX
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Get a BOX of BUB Every 3 Months

The BUB CLUB is a quarterly subscription box club designed for BUB fans and animal lovers of all shapes and sizes. Every three months, members receive a beautiful box full of exclusive premium quality BUB merchandise that is only available through the BUB CLUB. BUB commissions a different artist to design new items (and even the box itself) each quarter, so every box is a whole new experience. There are four tiers to choose from, and at least 20% of the proceeds of every box benefit homeless pets, and for every box shipped, at least 5 bowls of Halo Pet Food get donated to shelter pets.


The SOLAR BOX is the third tier of the BUB CLUB and it includes apparel, fancier accessories, and higher value BUB items that are only available exclusively through the BUB CLUB Subscription. The price includes shipping in the US, and raises $10 for special needs pets + donates 5 bowls of Halo Pet Food for homeless pets per box each quarter. Every quarter, The Solar BOX will include all of the merchandise items from Lil BUB's Lil BOX, some of the items from the Earth BOX,  and at least 2-3 new, exclusive limited edition BUB-themed gifts every quarter such as BUB socks, shirts, scarves, hats, pop sockets, pocket mirrors, enamel pins, travel tumblers, mugs, and more! Every Solar BOX Subscriber also receives a $10 Credit to the BUB STORE and a free can of Halo Cat Food each quarter. There is an additional quarterly shipping charge for international members.

If you subscribe before October 31st, your first box will ship on November 4th and will include:

  • Pair of Super BUB Crew Socks
  • Set of Three 2" Sparkly Fridge Magnets
  • Space Box Enamel Pin
  • Free Can of Halo Pet Food
  • Exclusive BUB Vinyl Kiss-Cut Sticker Pack (three sheets)
  • Space BUB Sticky Notes
  • YES BUBmper Sticker
  • Space BUB 3" Button
  • 8"x 8" Lustre Photo Print
  • $10 donated to special needs pets
  • 5 bowls of Halo Pet Food donated to shelter pets
  • $10 Credit to the BUB STORE
  • Free Shipping in the USA

This box provides a $100 value for $55, raises $10 for special needs pets, and donates 5 bowls of food to animals in need every quarter.

Your next renewal will be charged to your card on the 11th of January, and your next box will ship on February 4th. You will continue to be charged every three months from your next renewal charge, and a new box will ship every three months from your next ship date until you cancel your subscription.


To subscribe, press the sBUBscribe button, and you'll be electronically whisked away to the BUB CLUB Sign Up page. 

Once subscribed, you will automatically get a renewal charge every three months after your subscription date. You will be able to cancel, upgrade, or downgrade your subscription at any time by logging into your account.


If you are interested in checking out any of the other three subscription tiers, click HERE.


Please let me and BUB know if you have any questions about the BUB CLUB by sending us an email at dude@lilbub.com 

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