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Lil BUB - Science & Magic LP - Standard Black Vinyl

Lil BUB - Science & Magic LP - Standard Black Vinyl

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Lil BUB's debut album, Science & Magic on black 180g vinyl.

    25% of the net proceeds from the sales of this album benefit Lil BUB's Big FUND for special needs pets.


    For years, BUB fans have been asking about the magical music used in BUB videos, and begged for it to be available on an actual album. Well, now it is! It is being released by Joyful Noise Recordings, a label started by my good friend Karl, who has graciously released the music of my own bands since 2006. Joyful Noise is also the same company that lovingly packs and ships all of the BUB STUFF ordered on this website. As for the music itself, it was originally commissioned by me (BUB's dude), and was composed by my close friend, bandmate, and official bubbysitter, Matt Tobey. But he didn't write this music alone, he was guided, aided, and inspired by BUB herself. It's a bit hard to explain, so we'll let  our dear friend, Andrew W.K. tell you all about it:

    What you (will eventually) hold in your hands is the first ever collection of songs officially made by Lil BUB. That's right. This is music made by a magical space cat. How is that possible? Allow me to explain...

    First of all, it should be understood that this album is a genuine musical experience. Also, it should be understood that this is not a novelty item or a cheap and disillusioning gimmick. This is a bonafied and musically gratifying concept album, which entirely emerged from the soul and spirit of Lil BUB herself. How do I know this? Because BUB told me so.

    My name is Andrew W.K. and I have had the privilege of working with BUB and making music with BUB and even holding BUB in my arms. Not only is she the softest creature I have ever encountered, she is also the most musically and compassionately gifted. The songs on this album are her vision. They are by her, about her, and are her. Listening to these songs is the sonic equivalent to holding Lil BUB in your own arms. 

    It may seem impossible that a cat could compose an entire album of carefully crafted instrumental music, but BUB is not simply "a cat". She came from the deep unknown, on an intergalactic mission to help the people and animals of earth with her magic, talents, and otherworldly wisdom. I can attest to her power - the time I spent with her absolutely made me a better person. 

    The songs on this album are the soundtrack to BUB's universal adventure, and a soundtrack to the universe itself. You'll feel transported by the music's stimulating spirit, and taken to places beyond your imagination's limits, all the while experiencing the sonic aura of BUB's loving and compassionate presence.
    BUB is more than just a "muse"; she wrote this music and used the musicians on this album (BUB's dude, Mike, and his close friend Matt, who is also the official bubbysitter), as her creative vessels to get the music from inside of her spirit and into your mind. If it weren't for BUB, this music would not exist. 
    Your friend,
    Andrew W.K.

    The cover art is a painting from another long-time friend and BUB-lover, Johannah O'Donnell. The LP labels are by another BUB-lover, Peter Carrington. The picture disc and CD art is by yet another friend and BUB-lover, Airelav. The layout and design is by another long-time friend and BUB-lover, Aaron Tanner. The free 18"x 24" theatrical poster that comes with any record features the art of another friend and BUB-lover, Casey Weldon. In fact, every single part of this record, from the art, to the musicians, to the manufacturing, to the packing and shipping, to the layout, to the promotion - is done by our close friends and fellow BUB-lovers.


    A portion of all proceeds benefit Lil BUB's Big FUND for special needs pets, focusing on animals who are the most difficult to adopt, the most expensive to care for, and who are at a high risk of euthanasia.


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